iTOL annotation editor

Access your iTOL trees directly from Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc, and annotate them using familiar spreadsheet interface.


Simply create new datasets or edit existing ones

Load existing annotations directly from iTOL, or start from scratch. Preload tree identifiers from iTOL, and never worry about finding the correct ID to use.


Full error reporting directly in your spreadsheet

Any errors in your data will be highlighted directly in the spreadsheet, with helpful information popups. Use the error navigator to quickly go from one error cell to the next.


Helpful tooltips and value selectors

Tooltips describe each field, making it easy to fill the correct values. Where applicable, values can be directly selected from a list of valid entries.


Integrated color picker

Type the colors directly or use the integrated color picker. Cell backgrounds change to reflect the selected color.


iTOL annotation editor

iTOL annotation editor is a tool providing a direct link from your favourite spreasheet software to your iTOL account. Simply access your trees directly from Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc or Google Sheets, create new datasets, edit existing ones, define color ranges or update tree labels.

Edit datasets

Create or edit datasets directly in your spreadsheet, with full link to iTOL. Automatically load your tree node IDs, and save data directly to iTOL.

Define color ranges

Use the integrated color picker to define colors in datasets or colored ranges. Cell backgrounds are automatically set to reflect the selected color.

Error reporting

Get feedback on errors in your data directly in the spreadsheet. Invalid cells are highlighted and show helpful hints on the detected errors. Use the Error navigator to quickly navigate among all invalid cells.


Full power of Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc tied directly with iTOL's robust tree annotation features.

Full access to iTOL's most popular annotation features.

Create datasets, load tree node IDs directly from iTOL and start working on your data. Save from the spreadsheet automatically into iTOL, without the need for separate files or templates. Refresh your tree in iTOL's web page to visualize the data.


Helpful info popups and automatic data validation.

Descriptions of various fields give helpful hints directly in the spreadsheet interface. Values for pre-defined field types can be selected directly through pop-down value lists.

Simple error correction

Error navigator simplifies the identification and correction of any problems in your data. All error cells are automatically highlighted and show the detected error when selected.


Video tutorial

An in-depth video tutorial, together with the description of all features and supported datasets is available on the help page.


iTOL annotation editor works in trial mode by default, and will only save the first five rows of your data. For full unlimited access, subscribe using one of the options below. All subscriptions include unlimited access to all versions of the editor (Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel and LibreOffice Calc).

For institutional access, please have your librarian or IT administrator visit the subscription page in iTOL and fill the corresponding request form.

All the prices listed below are for academic and non-profit users only. Please check the subscription page in iTOL for the complete list and options for corporate customers.


limited access


  • Explore full editor functionality
  • All features available
  • No time limit
  • Only the first 5 rows of data are saved in iTOL
  • Use it for testing on replaceable trees and data
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30 days

Unlimited access


  • Full unlimited access
  • Includes standard iTOL subscription (5€ value)
  • Email support
  • Data saved in iTOL remains permanently accessible
  • Does NOT extend automatically
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1 year

Unlimited access


  • Full unlimited access
  • Includes standard iTOL subscription (50€ value)
  • Email support
  • Data saved in iTOL remains permanently accessible
  • Does NOT extend automatically
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Various models available


  • Full unlimited access
  • 10% discount for 5 or more subscriptions
  • Access for the whole institution
  • Email support
  • Multi-year subscriptions available
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Download the latest version of the iTOL annotation editor:

Spreadsheet softwareVersionFileNote
Google Sheets1.8Sheets Add-onInstall it from the Google Workspace Marketplace and use in any sheet.
Microsoft Excel1.8iTOL_annotation_editor_v1_8_Excel.xlsmFull version of the editor, tested in Microsoft Office 2019.
LibreOffice Calc1.8iTOL_annotation_editor_v1_8_LibreOffice.odsFull version of the editor, tested in LibreOffice Calc 7.2 (Windows, macOS and Linux versions). For the color picker functionality, please install the JePickers_iTOL.oxt LibreOffice extension.

Version history

1.8Added support for node metadata editing.
1.7Added support for custom labels in Simple bar chart datasets.
1.6Added support for the Colored/labeled ranges datasets.
1.5Added support for specifying node class when editing labels.
1.4Added support for the Protein domains datasets.
1.3Added support for the Branch symbols datasets.
1.2Added support for the Connections and Shape plot datasets.
1.1Added support for the Text labels dataset. Fixed an issue with single quotes in node IDs.
1.0initial release